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2019-12-31 · Jesus’ mother has also come to the wedding. As a friend of the family of those getting married, Mary seems to have been involved in helping to care for the many guests. So she is quick to note a shortage, which she reports to Jesus: “They have no wine.” —John 2:3. In effect, Mary is suggesting that Jesus do something about the lack of wine. The new wine Jesus brings to Israel is all this and more. We can see a more developed type in this miracle in the dispensational changes that are to come. Let us look at this type in depth. The setting for the miracle is a picture of dead Judaism or of any other form of dead religion. Jesus’ miracle – water becomes wine. In brief: This story is not as simple as it seems. Changing water into wine at the marriage feast of Cana was Jesus’ first miracle. But he transformed himself as well: from an anonymous Galilean scholar into the man who would be Messiah.

2017-03-14 · The miracle at the wedding at Cana where Jesus turned water into wine was the first recorded miracle, which made it a memorable one. And indeed it's a miracle worth noting not just because it's truly a work of the supernatural but because it carries for us messages that go beyond the apparent phenomenon that people witnessed that day. The miracle of turning water into wine, found in John 2:1-11, is the first recorded miracle of Jesus' public ministry. It occurred while Jesus and his disciples were attending the wedding in Cana on the third day of the celebration. Apparently, Jesus’ mother, Mary, had. 13.1 WATER INTO WINE. John 2:1-11 - Two days later after Nathanael, or Bartholomew, had been called by Jesus to be one of his disciples there was a wedding in the Galilean village of Cana. Jesus' mother was there and he and his disciples were invited to the festivities. Download Water into Wine. This is the story of the most fun-loving miracle of all time – turning water into wine. Jesus proves himself to be the perfect guest when the wine runs out at a wedding in Cana, and produces his first miracle.

by Doug Ponder Jesus’ first miracle—turning water into wine at the wedding of Cana—is ripe with symbolic echoes of the great themes of Scripture. by Doug Ponder Jesus’ first miracle—turning water into wine at the wedding of Cana—is ripe with symbolic echoes of the great themes of Scripture. Jesus turned water into wine to prove His real nature to the disciples. The ultimate purpose of the miracle was to reveal His Glory, with the result being faith in Him. It's interesting that Jesus had no interest in recruiting faith in the members of the wedding party, or the steward of the feast. John referred to Jesus’ miracles as “signs,” indicators pointing to Jesus’ divinity. Jesus’ second sign, also performed in Cana, was the healing at a distance of a government official’s son. In that miracle, the man believed through faith in Jesus before he saw the results, the attitude Jesus desired. Jesus the Christ also performed moral miracles in the New Testament. In a moral miracle, such as forgiveness of sins or driving out demons, the blessing of Jesus purifies the soul. In Mark 2:1-12, Jesus performed a physical miracle, healing the paralytic, to demonstrate a moral miracle.

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