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Please note that angora rabbits require much more care than regular breeds. Rabbits can live to be ten years old so they are a large commitment. Treen Acres Rabbitry is not responsible for any rabbits after they have left our possession. We also can not guarantee the breeding or showing capabilities of the rabbits. GIANT ANGORA - Senior Doe The infamous STEW. I showed her until she was a year old and she blew her coat. When I plucked her she had 11 inch locks. Her fiber won me Best Overall Wool at Angora Nationals 2014 Wonderful doe! Great mother, fantastic wool. This doe has been an asset to my herd and now resides in a fiber home. Reference Photo.

Giant rabbit breeds also include giant angora, Flemish giant, checkered giant and giant chinchilla, the latter of which is a cross between a regular chinchilla and Flemish giant. Originally bred to meet demands for meat and fur, giant rabbits are now most popular as pets. If you would wish to have the wooly German Angora rabbits, here is their origin, size, lifespan, care, health concerns, and temperament.

The Flemish Giant originated in Flanders. It was bred as early as the 16th century near the city of Ghent, Belgium. It is believed to have descended from a number of meat and fur breeds, possibly including the Steenkonijn Stone Rabbit—referring to the old Belgian weight size of one stone or about 3.76 kg 8 lb 5 oz and the European. Angora Rabbit Care. If you ignore the grooming and fiber harvesting, caring for angora rabbits is just like caring for any rabbit. They require love and attention, shelter from the elements, a clean habitat, and plenty of food and water. Here are a few key differences to keep in mind: Angora rabbits are more sensitive to both heat and cold.

2019-12-03 · Jaint angora rabbit Jaint angora rabbits Jiant angora rabbit Jiant angora rabbits Cute rabbit Cute rabbits lionhead breeder rabbit Cute rabbit Cute rabbits Lionhead Rabbit Flemish Giant rabbit Continental Giant rabbit Dutch Rabbit English Lop rabbit French Lop rabbit Holland Lop rabbit Mini Rex rabbit Netherland dwarf rabbit. 2019-10-08 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Giant Angora: This also is a very distinctive rabbit, mainly because of it's size! For showing they must be completely white. They have the densest wool of all the breeds, with a double undercoat which also gives them the most wool. giant nest box: checkered giant, french lop, flemish giant, english lop, giant chinchilla, giant angora THE NEST BOX REPLICATES THE NATURAL BURROW The domestic rabbit's wild European ancestors made shallow burrows in the ground in which to give birth. These include the English Angora, the French Angora, the Satin Angora, the Giant Angora, the American Fuzzy Lop and the Jersey Wooly. The English, French, Satin and Giant Angoras are usually what come to mind when most people think of Angora rabbits, due in part to their names as well as their size.

They commonly serve the angora wool trade. Adults weigh more than 10 pounds. They grow slowly, reaching maturity more than a year after their birth, at times taking more than a year to reach adult weight and size. Giant Angora rabbits produce six or more kits per litter, mating several times a year. The life span is about four years. If you are a first time angora owner, I recommend reading Angora Rabbit Care and What Not to Do. Be sure to follow me on Facebook or check back here for updated English Angora bunnies for sale. I do not ship bunnies. I do not have a waiting list for bunnies. I do not provide price estimates for unborn bunnies.

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